Authentique 1834 Ltd

Authentique 1834 Ltd
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The Unique K Sabatier
Made in France
Did you know : there are several SABATIER brands
With K Sabatier, you are guaranteed to buy a French-made knife. Why hesitate?

Our 1834 Authentic Limited Series embodies all Sabatier K know-how in professional kitchen knives. Forged in one piece by French craftsmen from the Thiers region, these high quality knives were awarded 1st prize at the IWA 2009 show. The Authentique 1834 range is for all those who wish to have the best knives professional kitchen, while acquiring an elegant and refined object.


To make a kitchen knife worthy of the name and used by professionals, it is important to have French manufacturing of a certain artisanal quality.

1 ° - Our knives are forged

Our Sabatier knives are fully forged with ONE PIECE OF METAL. To guarantee the quality of the forge, you will find on the blades of our forged knives the mention "100% FORGE".

It is the ONLY manufacture which allows to have a knife whose blade is forged.

With the heating of the steel and the striking of the pounder hammer, the steel will be structurally modified. The steel grains will then be finer, which will allow a perfect cut.

2 ° - the knives are tempered

This manufacturing step makes it possible to obtain a crtain hardness of the steel.

The blade will therefore stay longer sharp and resistant to cutting food.

3 ° - the blades are ground

This step consists in obtaining a cutting angle. The finish is manual and traditionally done.


The 1834 Ltd series is a very efficient series thanks to the various stages of manufacture and optional stages such as special hardening, calibration and polishing of the cutting edge. To store your tools safely, each knife is supplied with a leather case which was manufactured in a workshop in the town of THIERS.


In this range, you will find:

  • office
  • chef's knives
  • slicing knives
  • fillet knife
  • boning knife
  • bayonet fork
  • a 20 cm sharpening steel

These Sabatier kitchen knives will give you complete satisfaction.

Do not hesitate to maintain them with a professional rifle.