Arno - Thiers

The T3 knife from Actilam is the fruit of the collaboration of a forging and cutting industrialist, Pascal Jodas, manager of the company ARNO - FORGE in THIERS - as well as a double Meilleur Ouvrier de France, Jean- Pierre Suchéras. They imagined together a light, reliable urban knife, with an innovative and ingenious blade blocking mechanism, and all this with a forged blade!

The Arno Forges were created in 1933 by Mr Chantegret, they used to be called the Chantegret forges and were located in the Valley of the Factories in Thiers. Mr Chantegret fils built the current site between Thiers and Lezoux.

Acquired by Mr Loubière from Forges Foréziennes in Noirétable and then by an investor, their new name becomes Arno.

They specialize in hot forging knives, medical blades, pruning shears, Douk Douk blades, le Thiers Knives parts for the automotive industry, etc.

To remain a leader in its field, Forges Arno put their co-design know-how and the production of tools in-house at the service of their customers. The design office and state-of-the-art tools for both forging, cutting, machining and sharpening allow us to produce quality blades.

Pascal Jodas has been managing the company for almost 20 years, his knowledge in the field of metallurgy is no longer to prove.