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Auvergne pocket knife

Gamme Sabatier

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Blade represents the "Chaîne des Puys" and the "Puy-de-Dôme"
Brin d'Auvergne
Pocket Knife
Pomegranate Tree
1 piece - 9 cm Blade
Sandvick 12C27 Steel
Spring System
  • Pomegranate Wood Handle


Engrave the blade or the handle of your knife for a personalized gift


Brin d' Auvergne Blade representing the "Chaîne des Puys" POMEGRANATE TREE handle - Natural Wood 12C27 Sandvick Blade Z20 Spring System Total dimension: 20,3 cm Length Blade: 9 cm Brin d' Auvergne is the creation of the cutlery K SABATIER, emblematic of a French area. Artisanal know-how, nature and the gastronomy are combined to give the inspiration. The blade becomes a support of the graphic expression, mixed between silhouette and playing reliefs of the "Chaîne des Puys". The handle, as for him, is treated in opposition of forms by a sobriety quasi minimalist, in order to give more impact with the dominating natural element : our Puy de Dôme. Quality Guarantee : the signature " K Sabatier" , more than 150 years of cutlery history to Thiers. steel : sandvick 12C27, hardness 58/59 Rockwell C. Artisanal Emouture and polishing. Creation: Philippe BOURNILHAS

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By Blade Size
2 - Normal Knife
By kind of Handle
18 - Pomegranate Tree
By kind of Steel
1 - Stainless Steel
By Opening System
1 - Spring
Customize blade
Customize handle
Piece Number
1 - 1 blade
01 - Auvergne
Pomegranate Tree
System Lock
Spring System
Blade Steel
Sandvik 12C27
Blade Size
3 3/5 in (9 cm)
Blade Width
0,79 in (2 cm)
Total Dimension
8 1/8 in (20,3 cm)

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