Laguiole 11 cm - Purple Acrylic Handle - Heart Albrac Laguiole - 64104

Pocket Knife by D'Albrac to Laguiole

Gamme Albrac Laguiole

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Laguiole 11 cm

Purple Acrylic Handle
Full Handle

Stainless Steel
8,5 cm Blade

  • High Quality Steel
  • Plexi Handle


Engrave the blade or the handle of your knife for a personalized gift


Laguiole 11 cm - Laguiole Knife

Handle : Purple Acrylic Handle

Decoration : Heart

Blade made from Stainless Steel

Spring system

Total Dimension : 20 cm

Blade Length : 8,5 cm

Blade Width : 1,7 cm


Girly trend and the Laguiole ® acrylic glass for Urban Cinderellas ...

Designed specifically for you, ladies, this new model "Girly" is made of acrylic glass of very high quality.
Modern, elegant and lively, this Laguiole OF ALBRAC ® wants to be the constant companion of your exciting lives that will easily find its place alongside your smartphone.

Its handle is available in a wide range of fresh, bright colors, but his blade and design are derived from the traditon, strength, and expertise DALBRAC ® ...

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By Blade Size
2 - Normal Knife
By kind of Handle
01 - Resin
By kind of Steel
1 - Stainless Steel
By Opening System
1 - Spring
Customize blade
Piece Number
1 - 1 blade
33 - Laguiole
System Lock
Spring System
Blade Steel
Stainless Steel
Blade Size
3 2/5 in (8,5 cm)
Blade Width
0,67 in (1,7 cm)
Total Dimension
8 in (20 cm)

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