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    Château Laguiole Grand Cru Blond Horn customizable tag
    • Made in Thiers (France)Made in Thiers (France)
    • Professional ToolingProfessional Tooling
    • Stainless SteelStainless Steel
    • Blond Horn HandleBlond Horn Handle

    Château Laguiole Grand Cru Blond Horn

    This product is no longer available


    Corkscrew Château Laguiole Grand Cru

    Blond Horn Handle

    Double Stainless Steel Bolster

    Gimlet with 5 loops

    Lever with cap lifter

    Curb Blade with Little Teeth

    Leather Holster

    "A faithful tool"


    Château Laguiole Grand Cru was drawn by a former wine waiter, Guy Vialis.
    The goal of was manufactured, in France, a wine waiter of luxury, synonymous with tradition, authenticity, professionalism and luxury.
    It uses by the best wine waiters of the world.
    This product has a very good behaviour in hand. It allows to open the bottles with delicacy and firmness.


    Product type Garden / Kitchen / House
    Brand Vialis - France
    Product line Grand Cru - Vialis
    Brand Vialis - France
    Customize blade Yes
    Customize handle No
    Piece Number CorkScrew
    Region Laguiole
    Handle Blond Horn
    System Lock Spring System
    Pocket Pocket
    Spring Decoration Yes
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