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    1834 - Sharpenig Steel 8 in, Forged Base customizable tag
    • Made in Thiers (France)Made in Thiers (France)
    • 100% Forged100% Forged
    • LeatherLeather
    • Carbon SteelCarbon Steel

    1834 - Sharpenig Steel 8 in, Forged Base

    73 .00 €



    Use it regularly to maintain the edge of your knives (not for toothed blades.

    Caution, the sharpening steel is manufactured using high-Carbon steel. Never leave it wet or put it into a dishwasher.


    "A faithful tool"


    The steel's handle and rod are manufactured separately.

    The handle and the bolster of this steel are forged to have the same look as our fully forged knives.

    The sharpening rod, manufactured in high-carbon steel, is quenched providing much greater hardness than knives.

    POM handles are manually set and mounted on the tang using three through rivets.

    From forging to packaging, we garantee that all our operations are performed in the Thiers region in FRANCE by skilled workers to ensure a professional quality craft finish.


    Product type Kitchen Knives
    Brand K SABATIER - Thiers - France
    Product line Authentique 1834 Limited
    Brand K SABATIER - Thiers - France
    Customize blade No
    Customize handle Yes
    Washing-Machine No
    Handle Black POM
    Rockwell Hardness From 62 to 64 HRC
    Blade Size 8 in (20 cm)
    Rivets Stainless
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    A French manufacturer of high-quality knives since 1810.

    - For us, FORGED is the guarantee of having a 100% forged knife (blade/bolster/tang)

    - For us, Made in France means 100% made in France (from A to Z) - handmade finishing

    - For us, there is no Asian importation of knives. Everything is French made

    - For us, K SABATIER, it's a family story for 8 generations and more than 200 years of knife passion.

    It's up to you to make a difference .....