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    For normal order processing, collected personal data is subjected to computer processing, and the consumer acknowledges their knowledge of this. 
    Data on the buyer may be sent to third parties for verification. 
    The buyer also has a right of access for correction as regards all the relevant data, shown in the company's file. 
    This computer processing has been the subject of a declaration to the CNIL (French data protection authority) under file number 1139222.


    K Sabatier - THE Official Shop

    Did you know there are different Sabatier Brands ?

    "K SABATIER" GUARANTEES that our knives are EXCLUSIVELY Made in FRANCE by K Sabatier.
    Only K SABATIER Brand can claim over 200 years of Family history, from Father to Son without interruption, for the K Sabatier knives manufacturing.

    The Chefs' reference