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    The Tempering (Carbon)


    Tempering gives hardness to the knife to ensure a long lasting cutting edge. It’s a very important operation.


    The knives are carefully placed in special trays. They are put into the furnace at 820° centigrade.


    After a period at these high temperatures, the knives are immediately placed into oil.


    The knives are then put back into the furnace to "return" hardness to the steel (200°-300° C).


    For the Carbon Knives, we verify their straightless, one by one.




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    Did you know there are different Sabatier Brands ?

    "K SABATIER" GUARANTEES that our knives are EXCLUSIVELY Made in FRANCE by K Sabatier.
    Only K SABATIER Brand can claim over 200 years of Family history, from Father to Son without interruption, for the K Sabatier knives manufacturing.

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