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    Laguiole ROM Damascus Ivory
    • Made in Thiers (France)Made in Thiers (France)
    • High Quality SteelHigh Quality Steel
    • Ivory HandleIvory Handle

    Laguiole ROM Damascus Ivory

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    Laguiole ROM


    Stainless Damascus

    Leather Holster

    "An outstanding knife for outstanding times"


    Laguiole - ROM - Real pre-ban Ivory

    The handle is chased by hand.

    Blade made from Stainless Damascus, steel from Sweden

    Spring System : the spring is made from a 3mm thick stainless Steel Z20C13. A solid bladestop is provided on all of our springs, that shall keep a long time the edge of the blade. The traditional bee is solid, and forged into the spring. The spring and the bee are then hand-chased with a file.

    Total Dimension : 21,5 cm

    Blade Length : 9,5 cm

    Blade Width : 1,8 cm

    With Leather Pocket

    Since the 1920s, FONTENILLE PATAUD has made fine cutlery its core business. The knife handles were crafted from genuine ivory, ebony as well as horn. These knifes were very popular and sold in the best shops.

    Since 1995, Fontenille-Pataud has restarted production of fine folding knives, specifically the LAGUIOLE knives.

    It was a major decision to adopt as a policy "home and handmade in France".


    Product type Pocket Knives
    Brand Perceval - Thiers
    Product line Laguiole Collectors - Fontenille Pataud
    Handle Ivory
    Blade Steel Stainless Damas Steel
    System Lock Spring System
    Piece Number 1 blade + CorkScrew
    Blade Size 3 3/5 in (9 cm)
    Blade Width 0,67 in (1,7 cm)
    Total Dimension 8 3/5 in (21,5 cm)
    Pocket Leather Pocket
    Region Laguiole
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