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    Guillotine for sausage - right-handed
    • Made in Thiers (France)Made in Thiers (France)
    • Stainless SteelStainless Steel

    Guillotine for sausage - right-handed

    52 .00 €



    The star of your drinks with friends

    "A faithful tool"


    Abandon board and knife. The Guillotine for Sausage is always ready for use. Easy, fast, effortless, she will participate in the success of your appetizers with friends.

    The Guillotine Sausage is made of unprocessed raw wood and untinted to meet food product as a bacteriological point of view that taste.

    Wood is a living material, the natural appearance of the Guillotine for Sausage can vary substantially depending on the batch of the wood used. Over time, it will tend to take an elegant natural patina that does not affect its operating qualities.

    The "plus" product:

    product unpublished
    Efficiency (thin slices)
    100% French manufacturing


    Product type Garden / Kitchen / House
    Product line For the Kitchen
    Washing-Machine No
    Handle Natural Wood
    Blade Steel Stainless Steel
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