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    Canadian - 13 in Cooking Knife - Carbon CC33AO
    • Made in Thiers (France)Made in Thiers (France)
    • 100% Forged100% Forged
    • Carbon SteelCarbon Steel
    • Black Wood HandleBlack Wood Handle

    Canadian - 13 in Cooking Knife - Carbon CC33AO

    150 .00 €




    13" Cooking Knife - Canadian

    Manufacturing Year : 1950 - 1960

    Carbon Steel

    Forged by Hand

    Grinding by Hand

    Black Wood Handle

    "An outstanding knife for an outstanding cuisine"


    These Antique Products we proposed you (Limited Stock) are the guarantee our firm are old with long story. These knives were manufactured by the Fifth or the Sixth Generation.

    It's an ANTIQUE 13" COOKING KNIFE, Canadian Type (Little Bolster).

    It was manufacturing in 1950 - 1960

    Forged by Hand, visible by the tang of the knife :

    - thicker near the bolster

    - very thin at the hand of the handle

    Grinding made by hand (Traditional Method)

    Extraordinary Cutting Power.

    Carbon Steel

    Old brand on the blade (Sabatier K Garanti - Acier Fondu)



    Product type Kitchen Knives
    Brand K SABATIER - Thiers - France
    Product line Antique Sabatier K - CARBONE
    Brand K SABATIER - Thiers - France
    Customize blade No
    Customize handle No
    Washing-Machine No
    Forged Knives Forged
    Handle Black Wood
    Blade Size 13 in (33 cm)
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    Canadian - 13 in Cooking Knife - Carbon CC33AO
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    A French manufacturer of high-quality knives since 1810.

    - For us, FORGED is the guarantee of having a 100% forged knife (blade/bolster/tang)

    - For us, Made in France means 100% made in France (from A to Z) - handmade finishing

    - For us, there is no Asian importation of knives. Everything is French made

    - For us, K SABATIER, it's a family story for 8 generations and more than 200 years of knife passion.

    It's up to you to make a difference .....