Ham Knives

Ham Knives
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The Sabatier ham knife is a knife whose blade is narrow with a cutting edge parallel to the back, the tip is round and the blade is often honeycombed.

The narrow blade allows you to follow the shape of the ham in order to make slices of constant thickness. Only a narrow blade can help you in this work. With a wide blade, it would be impossible to have slices of the same thickness over the entire length of the blade.

The air pockets allow the ham to slide on the blade.

The quality of our ham knives is of course 100% Forged: this mention appears on the blades of our Sabatier knives.

Only the knives with the mention "100% Forged" written on the knife are made from a single piece of steel. It is your only guarantee to have a knife whose blade is forged.

All our knives are entirely made in THIERS - capital of French cutlery.

For 8 generations, my Sabatier family has been making kitchen knives in THIERS for professionals and cooking enthusiasts. We find our knives at starred chefs in France, the United States, Canada, Australia ...

Do not forget to sharpen the ham knives with a professional rifle in order to have an always perfect edge. If your knife is very sharp, it will be easier to make thin slices, or rag.

With a Sabatier ham knife you can cut dry, very dry hams.

Hams from Auvergne, Savoie, Bayonne, Petra Negra, Parma hams will be much better if the slices are thin. For this, use a SABATIER Ham knife.