Whetstone KAI - 400/1000 Béligné - 89116

Professional Whetstone

Gamme Béligné Sharpening

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Whetstone KAI - 2 grains
A base holds the stone in place
A tray for water
Blue Face : 400
Gray side : 1000

  • Professional Tooling


For sharpening your knives, we can advise you a water stone.

Proposed by Sabatier, this stone water, KAI Japanese brand famous for its knives, has two faces:

A blue face coarse 400 for a first coarse sharpening the blade.

A gray face more fine-grained (1000). Allows a second finer sharpening the cutting edge.

The stone comes with its base with a tank of water reception.

Dimension of the whetstone : 80 x 60 x 30 mm

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