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    Certificate Gift

    Gift certificate

    Give freedom to choose his knife or kitchen knives.

    The gift voucher allows you to offer a good amount of purchase that you want.

    On our website, a package for the port is automatically charged. This amount will be added to your gift certificate.

    You order a gift voucher of 50 euros.

    You will pay 50 euros + 6 = 56 euros port

    You will receive a check for 56 euros with a UNIQUE code in the form of a PDF document which you can give to the person of your choice.

    The happy owner recevera that the gift will be able to choose the items that ferront her happy throughout the site. It thenneeds to do is place the order online, and by entering the voucher code when ordering gift, the value of the gift certificate will be automaticallydeducted from the purchase.


    Summer holidays

    Longer shipping time for NOT customized knives.


    WARNING : PERSONALIZED knives will be shipped from 21 August.


    Thanks for your understanding.