Looking for a gift for your dad's birthday ?

Looking for a gift for your dad'’s birthday? What if this year, you wanted to melt his heart by offering a unique and personalized gift? Browse the online store and discover the different ranges of forged knives in France proposed by Sabatier-K.


forge from k sabatier knife

Sabatier-K will help you to choose a lovely gift for your dad’s birthdayProfessional kitchen knives set, pocket knife with corkscrew, garden tools… Make your choice and leave a private message to the one who you learned everything by engraving the blades or the handles.

Once the birthday gift for your dad offered, do not forget to tell him to visit the website of Sabatier-K so he will be able to read the different “advices” given by our expert. He will learn to sharp his knife and to take care of his blade. Thus, he will keep with him and forever, the best gift you've ever made to him.

sabatier block with a slection of forged knives

 k sabatier knife for the meat