Artisanal knife: Why should you buy an artisanal knife ?

An artisanal knife differentiates itself from a conventional knife by its quality and durability. Collector knives as well as artisanal knives are unique. They are made by hand according traditional methods.


A quality artisanal knife is usually made of the finest materials. Some models include mother-of-pearl, horn or precious woods. By opposition with an industrial knife, an artisanal knife is entirely made by hand. Each and every detail has been well thought out and remind visible. Because each artisanal knife is a unique piece, it has a real soul. That is why cutlery is considered as an art. Artisanal knives are often sold in a leather case to underline the uniqueness of the pieces.


Besides being beautiful, an artisanal quality knife is forged in the best steels. Respecting precise specifications, a forged knife is made with machines that ensure a quality adjustment of the mechanisms. The blade and springs undergo a specific heat treatment. Then, pieces are put together. All crucial steps are done by hand.
A forged knife is made with brilliant materials that have a high resistance to corrosion, a formidable blade and a pleasant grip. Even when the knife has been used or after a few years, the blade reminds clean and bright. Finally, a craft knife is delivered with a certificate of authenticity which is also a guarantee, often for life! Most of the time, there is a mark called a guilloche at the birth of the blade that ensures its authenticity and symbolizes the signature of the manufacturer.


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