Best kitchen knife, which kitchen knife to choose?

Best kitchen knife, which kitchen knife to choose?


As you could see on our website, our store in Clermont-Ferrand, our customers in Paris, London, San Francisco, Toronto, there are several types of knives per range.


Couteau de cuisine Sabatier K le meilleur

We will quote them to you. At the end of the page, you will find our advice and what knives you should have in your kitchen.

Offices :

The Paring knives allow you to peel vegetables, fruits, cut small pieces of meat, eat at the table. It can be very useful in baking.

They usually have 7 to 10 cm blades. They are pointed or shaped like a bird's beak in order to more closely match the shape of the fruits.

It's one of the best kitchen knife Sabatier K to have in your kitchen. You will use it every days to prepare your lunch or dinner. 


Kitchen knives, or slicers, or chefs :

The Chef knives shall help you cut vegetables into small pieces of fruit and vegetables, cut cabbage, watermelon or pineapple in half.

The chefs use it to mince. The pendulum gesture is then important and it will be easy to perform this style of gesture with a little training.

The heads have a broad and pointed blade (V-shaped). The blades are 13 cm, 15 cm, 18 cm, 20 cm, 23 cm, 25 cm, 28 cm, 30 cm, 33 cm or 35 cm

You have options. The most used lengths are 20 cm, 23 cm and 25 cm

 All international chefs has this best Sabatier K kitchen knife. You need to have one. 

The Slicers :

As its name suggests, it is used to slice bacon. In fact, it is very useful to cut pieces of meat by making a movement of back and forth.

The blades of the slicing knives are narrow and the lengths are 15 cm, 17 cm, 20 cm, 23 cm, 25 cm and 30 cm.

The 20 cm slicer can also be used when cutting poultry such as chicken, turkey or duck.

Thçis is a best sellers from Sabatier K. The slicer knife exist in all the different Sabatier K range. For exemple : 





Filets :

It is a more specialized knife.

A sole fillet has the same type of narrow blade as a slicer, but its blade is flexible.

This knife is used to lift fish fillets. We use the flexibility of the blade to crease it between the skin and the flesh of the fish.

This knife can also be useful for cutting thin slices of ham and sausage.

The blades are generally 15 cm, 20 cm.


The Boning knife :

The shape of this boning knife is more special, given the finesse of the blade.

This knife is used for boning pieces of meat.

Its blade is 11 cm, 13 cm or 15 cm


The Hams :

This Ham knife is very specialized because it makes it possible to cut the hams in slices or in chiffonnade.

The blade is narrow with a cutting edge parallel to the back. The tip is round. The blade can be smooth or honeycombed, which allows air bubbles so that the ham slides more on the blade.


We also offer this knife with teeth to be able to make pastry and cut your cakes with great ease.


The blade can be 25 cm or 30 cm

Salmon :

This knife is long and flexible. Its blade is 30 cm long. It is often honeycombed to allow the salmon to slide on the blade.

You can use it to cut a smoked salmon and make very thin slices.

It can also be used to make ragged ham.


Oriental Chef or Santuko :

This knife is very popular. Its blade differs from traditional French knives because the blade is not sharp.

It is very often honeycombed. Its blade is very wide, but very thin towards the edge in order to have an exceptional cut.

 The Oriental chef or Santuko from the 200 - 8 generations Sabatier K

Tomato knife :

The Tomato knife is a small knife with a 13 cm blade which is toothed. It will be very effective for cutting a tomato, but also for certain vegetables.

You can use it to cut a baguette or a bun.

A small knife that helps you in your daily life when preparing a breakfast or a meal : the tomato knife from Sabatier K

Bread knife :

The blade of a  bread knife is between 20 and 23 cm long. It is toothed - usually large teeth to allow slicing different breads, buns, sponge cakes.

It can also be used to cut meat like a roast.


Carving knife :

This knife is very similar to Slicing knives. But its blade is form of yatagan is more elegant to allow to use this knife during a table service.

It is often used with a bayonet or curved fork. The assembly is then called cutting service.


Forks :

Forks are used to hold meat when it is cut, to serve a dish or to turn food during cooking.

Forks can be used when cooking on the barbecue.

As seen above, you can combine the forks with a slicer or a carving knife. The assembly is then called Cutting Service.


Steak knife :

Steak knives are used at the table. There are different types of blade: straight, yatagan, curved. The length is generally 13 cm.
Some customers like to use 10 cm pantries at the table. A kitchen knife at the table.


Cleaver :

Cleavers are shock tools. They cut bones.

The larger a chopper, the heavier it is and therefore the greater the impact.

For cutting a rabbit, a 16 cm cleaver will be sufficient.


Sharpening steel :

It is a very important element for your kitchen. The blades of your knives will wear out. It will then be necessary to maintain the wire, the cutting edge. You don't have to be a professional to use a sharpening steel.

Your butcher will use it very often. He gives 2 - 3 rifles on the edge of his knife before each steak cut or to slice roasts.

The rifle bits should be professional quality because its steel and hardness must be much higher than the hardness of the steel of your knives.

The wicks are at least 20 cm and can go up to 30 cm.

To choose the right length for your rifle, look at the largest blade in your kitchen.

To sharpen a knife with a 20 cm blade, you must have at least a 20 cm rifle.


Oval locks are more professional and more effective.



So what is the best kitchen knife, which kitchen knife to choose?

We recommend having at least 4 pieces in your kitchen:

  • a paring knife
  • a 20 cm kitchen knife - 8"
  • a 20 cm Slicer - 8"
  • a sharpening steel

With this set of knives and rifle, you can do everything in your kitchen.


Take a look at the pro sets we offer. They will be very useful to you.

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