Knife customizing

Customize a knife is the ultimate luxury for cooking enthusiasts as for fans of art such as cutlery. Renowned for its expertise in the manufacture of high quality knives and prestige for over 200 years, the brand Sabatier-K offers you to personalize your knife to suit your needs.

In the world of cooking, customize a knife has many advantages. First of all, a custom knife can be carried anywhere, without the risk of lost or confused with another. Then, when stored on a bar magnet, a knife with a custom blade immediately distinguishes from others. No need to get all of them to find the one you want.

Customize a knife can also give to the object a highly symbolic value before offering it to a specific person. The inscription on the knife passes itself from a simple object to an object full of memory for the person who gets it. A kind thought that will be particularly appreciated by unconditional of cutlery. Please note that customize a knife can refer to the handle or the blade, depending on the model.


transmission k sabatier knife