Canadian - 12 in ABATTRE Knife - Stainless Steel - Plastic Handle Ref 905 Sabatier - ANCINOXABATTRE30

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Gamme Sabatier Antique Stainless K Sabatier

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12" ABATTRE Knife - Canadian

Manufacturing Year : 1970-1980

Forged by Hand

  • Made in Thiers (France)
  • Stainless Steel
  • 100% Forged


These Sabatier Knife - Antique Products we proposed you (Limited Stock) are the guarantee our firm are old with long story. These knives were manufactured by the Sixth Generation. It's an ANTIQUE 12" ABATTRE KNIFE, Canadian Type (Little Bolster).

What is the difference between the 12"CHEF KNIFE and 12" ABATTRE KNIFE ? - the weight : the ABATTRE knife is very heavy (appro. 550 gr) - the back of the Abattre knife is stronger than the back of the COOK KNIFE - the sharpening part is stronger.  

It was manufacturing in 1970-1980 Forged by Hand, visible by the tang of the knife : - thicker near the bolster - very thin at the hand of the handle Grinding made by hand (Traditional Method) Extraordinary Cutting Power.

Stainless Steel Old brand on the blade (Sabatier K) PERFECT STATE

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By Blade Size
8 - To 10 1/3 - 14 in (27 - 35 cm)
By Using
02 - Chef
By kind of Handle
02 - Black Plastic
By kind of Steel
2 - Stainless Steel - Antique
13 - Antique - Stainless
03 - No
Black Wood
Rockwell Hardness
From 55 to 57 HRC
Blade Size
12 in (30 cm)

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Antique Stainless K Sabatier

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Antique Stainless K Sabatier

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