Carbon steel, stainless steel, what are the differences ?

Before buying a masterpiece of cutlery, it is better to consider the material of the knife and the use that you want to do. The material of the knife comes between carbon steel and stainless steel.


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In terms of performance, carbon steel has a thinner and softer structure than stainless steel. The sharp edge of a knife with a carbon steel blade reveals itself more efficient, not to mention an easier sharpening. This difference in the material of the knife is also expressed as time went by. The blade of a carbon steel knife will stain after several uses. This is a normal phenomenon and harmless.

Even if the material of a knife is important, the maintenance of the blade is important too. The maintenance of a knife with a carbon steel blade should be more stringent than a stainless steel knife, because moisture can rust carbon steel. For example, the material of carbon steel knife prohibits washing in the dishwasher, as well as extended stays in the water.