Carving : how to carve meat ?

So what’s the procedure if you don’t know what to do when it comes to carving a leg (of ham or lamb), steak or bird (turkey or chicken…) ?

First of all, let it rest in a warm place. This will result in uniform heat throughout and soften the flesh, making carving easier and making it nicer to eat.

Then, to carve it, carefully place it on a large board and use a carving knife or thin, narrow bladed slicing knife, and a fork.

However, when carving beef, you should use a kitchen knife or a slicer with a wide blade. You can then separate the meat from the bone, remove the fat and cut your slices of meat diagonally !

Make sure you don’t stick the fork into the meat; just use it to hold it in position.


meat cutting with k sabatier knife