Clean a damaged blade or remove moisture pitting

Even the toughest knives with quality blades like those we make can sometimes oxidize or spoil. All the more so if the blade has been poorly maintained, all of us may face a rusty knife. But do not worry, some simple tricks exist. To clean a damaged steel blade, you can use hot vinegar, for example, or a half potato sprinkled with powder to polish the metals.

In both cases, thoroughly rinse and dry the blade after the operation. From the moment when the rust is not really set up, moisture pitting can also be removed very easily with an emery cloth.

In the case of a rusty knife, where oxidation is important, there are also several solutions to remove rust from your knife. The best known one is to use a clean cloth soaked in turpentine. Otherwise, if you have difficulty in procuring this product, you can also remove rust from knife by rubbing the blade with half an onion or a potato cut in half. These methods work very well on most rusty knives.


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