De Luxe Bocote 5/8 Thiers-Issard - Thiers - 21135

Razor by Thiers-Issard

Gamme Thiers-Issard - Thiers

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278.00 €
5/8" Singing Hollowed
Luxury Range, decorated Back
Handle in Bocote
  • Made in Thiers (France)
  • Carbon Steel
  • Bocote Handle


5/8" Singing Hollowed Razor
Back hand-decorated "Diamond" pattern
Handle in Bocote
Forged from 100% Carbon Steel
Both Sides Mirror polished
Anti-slip Knurling on lower side of the Tang
Mark "Bijou de France" in Hand-Done Gold Leaf on Blade + "Thiers-Issard" Mark on Tang

Singing Completely Hollowed Razor for all Uses, it represents the finest Grind and thinest Blade

Historic Forged Decorative Razors:
Made using wonderful historic blanks (50 to 100 years old) recovered by Thiers Issard and finished in their factory in Thiers-France.
Decorated Backs either directly forged and polished or hand-chiseled or filed.

Delivered in special Luxury Baragnia Leather Pouch with sliding closing Tong

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