Prevent rust on a knife is essential to ensure its longevity and effectiveness.

Obsessive fear of the unconditional of the cutlery, the rust of a knife remains a scourge, which it is easy to overcome. Noble material par excellence, carbon does not escape the constraints of conventional use and in particular rust knife. Keep in mind that a knife with a blade of carbon
steel can rust, hence the importance of a specific maintenance.



Sabatier-K recommends a regular maintenance of each knife carbon according to the following method (which has been proven against rust knife) :

  • initially, after each use, wash and wipe the knife carefully;
  • never put a carbon steel knife in the dishwasher, otherwise you'll expose it irreparably to rust knife;
  • grease your knives during a prolonged storage, for example in a drawer or wooden block storage to protect them against moisture, the main source of rust knife;
  • sharped your knives carbon steel to maintain a perfect fit.


Finally, never forget that knife carbon steel can change colour after use, which is a phenomenon quite normal and without any risk.


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