Can I customize all the knives ?

For fans of cutlery, customize a knife is synonym of a high symbolic importance. A requirement fully considered by the brand Sabatier-K. Among the wide range of knives Sabatier-K, most of the models are customizable, as well as the blade or the handle.

Customize a knife becomes extremely simple: just choose the appropriate model, the desired entry and its location on the knife. Please note that Sabatier-K guns and forks are customizable on the handle. Far from a simple gadget, customize a knife is needed to give it its own identity. This is a sustainable distinction because Sabatier-K knives re guaranteed for life.

K Sabatier bread knife

The only one exception to this facility to customize a knife: the CUSTOM option is unfortunately not available for the range of old knives Sabatier-K. Customize a knife is finally impossible for rifles without rivets and for knives from Thiers. For the rest of the range, customization goes smoothly.