Warranties of the K SABATIER Knife

In a prestigious area such as cutlery, a knife guarantee is important. This knife guarantee allows the buyer to ensure the seriousness of the manufacturer and to invest in a unique piece that will follow him several decades.

True reference in the world of cutlery, Sabatier-K attaches great importance to the quality of his knives. His experience in the manufacture of knives with finishes and perfect cut is accompanied by a sustained commitment to customer relationship. Therefore Sabatier-K gives an equal importance to the knife guarantee, which is the pride of this family for over 200 years and 8 generations.


K Sabatier family

All Sabatier-K range can boast a knife guarantee. This knife guarantee affects knife blades, which are guaranteed for a lifetime against any manufacturing defects. 100% stainless steel, these blades have a life outside the norm, on condition they are carefully maintained to prevent rust. In case of default due to its manufacture, just simply return the knife Sabatier-K who will fix it.


old k sabatier knife