Family brand par excellence, Sabatier-K Thiers has not changed its policy of manufacturing knives for over 200 years. All knives Sabatier-K are made in Thiers, a French town of Puy-de-Dôme, Auvergne.

The saga Sabatier-K Thiers began in the 19th century in this small town, capital of the French cutlery. Two large families are established themselves as references in the production of knives: the Sabatier de Bellevue (City High Thiers) and the Sabatier de Moutier (Lower City Thiers). In 1834, the Sabatier de Bellevue family added a K to his name to differentiate to the Sabatier de Moutier. Thus was born the brand Sabatier-K Thiers, who continues the family tradition since 8 generations.


8 generation - K Sabatier family

The knives Sabatier-K Thiers are forged in one piece of metal. All manufacturing operations, including final polishing and preparing orders are made locally, in Thiers. Please note that the sets, wooden blocks and leather wallets Thiers Sabatier-K Thiers are also manufactured in the city or in the region of Auvergne.


K Sabatier knife label