Using a Steak knife for cooking !


200 years of experience in high-end cutlery give to the home Sabatier-K a unique know-how in the manufacture of kitchen knives. Sabatier-K boxes have established themselves as references in the confidential universe of the professional kitchen, and have attracted the greatest chefs, generation after generation.


The boxes of Sabatier-K, particularly well provided, generally include steak knives; hence their use in the kitchen may seem questionable for beginners. Here some recommendations from Sabatier-K for the use of steak knives. There are 2 types of steak knives: knives with teeth and
knives without teeth.


The steak knives with teeth can be used as tomatoes knives or even as small bread knives. The steak knives without teeth can be used as great paring knives for peeling vegetables, cut meat, etc. This versatility makes steak knives an indispensable element of any set of Sabatier-K, for cooking equipment worthy of greatest chefs.


k sabatier steak knife