Forged knife ? What is a forged knife ?

For fans of blades, a knife is worthy of being one, if and only if, it is a forged knife. Known craftsmen and designers, well aware of this essential parameter, offer most of the time knives "100% forged".


A forged knife is made from a flat and cut steel bar, heated and compressed at each end to more than a thousand degrees to obtain a ball in the middle. The original piece is then hammered by a tool that has the shape of the miter, the part between the blade and the handle, before the cutting of the final shape by punch, in one piece. We then obtain two flat parts which form the silk and the blade. The silk, which is an extension of the blade inside the handle of the knife, is pierced. It is on it that the hull of the handle is fixed, whether it is of high quality plastic, noble wood or stainless steel.

A forged knife is necessarily more expensive than a normal knife, but it is the guarantee of a piece with a solid base. Robust, it can better withstand the weather and balance in hand is better. But make no mistake, many knives are announced as forged when they are not 100%.

Good to know

A knife made in the rules of art is always delivered with a certificate of authenticity and explicit mentions. These specify the materials used for each part that composes the piece. Referring to them helps to avoid unpleasant surprises when buying.

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