The advantages of the carbon knife : it's cutting and sharpening

Have you just bought a carbon knife from Sabatier K ? No doubt you will be fully satisfied with all the benefits it provides. Indeed, a carbon blade has a much greater cutting power and is much sharper than stainless steel. In addition, sharpening a carbon blade knife is also simpler, saving you long hours sharpening your knife. You will have a blade whose edge will always be impeccable and has a life span much longer than other blades. In other words, choosing a carbon blade knife ensures you have a superior tool for the best comfort.

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Like all knives, and especially when it comes to a high-end knife that is frequently used, a carbon blade knife must be carefully maintained. If you are wondering how to maintain your carbon blade, here are some basic but essential tips. First of all, even if sharpening a carbon blade is simpler than for a stainless steel knife, regular sharpening may not be neglected. But it is with regard to cleaning your carbon blade that you will have to be the most rigorous.

So, after each use, wash and wipe carefully your carbon blade knife, which must remain as clean and dry as possible. Always wash your carbon blade knife by hand and make sure that it never goes into the dishwasher. Finally, your carbon blade will change color over time. This is a natural and risk-free phenomenon, so there is no need to worry about it.