The storage of Kitchen knives

Do you know how to store your knives? Every owner of Sabatier-K knives, which have a high quality of cutting, should follow some tips for a sage storage.

Specialist of cutlery for over 200 years, Sabatier-K recommends to not stock your knives in a drawer without case. Indeed, store your knives in a drawer without a case can damage them, especially concerning the edge that can take a bump. Moreover, the absence of case can be a real danger for anyone who would take a knife.


k sabatier protection


Sabatier offers several solutions to store your knives. Firstly, a magnet bar that permits you to take a knife. And more important, it protect against the risk of cut. The bar magnets proposed by Sabatier-K are professional bars, specially designed to store your knives safely. Secondly, blocks of wood or plastic, which are very convenient to stock your knives close to you, on your countertop. Thirdly, cases also allow you to store your knives safely when traveling. This particularly storage is suitable for chefs working in several institutions. They can take their tools with them.