It is important to properly store your kitchen knives for safety reasons.

It is important to properly store your kitchen knives for safety reasons.

If the knives are loose in a kitchen drawer, they can be damaged and can take knives on their edges which can be damaged. It can also be dangerous for you when you want to pick up a knife or pick up a knife so you can use it.

In addition, the drawer can be reached by children.

It is therefore advisable to properly store your kitchen knives.

There are several solutions for this :

  • the blocks
  • the magnetic bars
  • knives case


There are of course other solutions such as custom drawers.


Blocks for storing knives

It is a very good solution. They can be placed on your work surface. Knife blocks are often made of wood, but they can also be plastic, metal, classic or original, even very designer.

The blocks allow the knives to be inserted through the blade. So you are safe. To take a knife, simply take the handle and remove the knife from its location.

There are blocks with delimited location, or without delimited location like the Bodum block. The knife blade is inserted between plastic rods.

It is difficult to find blocks for large knives like the 25 cm kitchen. The blade is too long or wide.


sabatier knife block


Magnetic bars for storing knives

It is also a very good solution, but it will be necessary to fix the knife magnetic bar on a wall.

The knives are magnetized by the blade. It is very easy to put a knife on a magnetic bar or remove it.

The knife is visible as a whole, so you will take the right knife without making a mistake.

There is one thing to watch out for: the bar must be magnetized over the entire length. Some sellers or manufacturers offer bars that are not magnetized over the entire length. There is therefore a risk that the knife will not magnetize immediately when you place it on the bar, and a risk that the knife will come off the bar.

It is therefore necessary to buy a professional magnetic bar, magnetized over its entire length and sufficiently magnetic so that the knife does not detach itself from the bar.


Leather or fabric cases for storing knives

The knife case are made with several types of material: fabrics, nylon or leather

In a case, you can store several knives : small offices, slicing knives and kitchen knives.

The leather knives cases generally adapt to the size of the knives.

They can be closed to store the case and also to be able to take away the knives which can follow you when traveling.

Professional chefs or apprentice cooks often use kits to store their knives.

It is also possible to customize certain materials such as leather.


Sabatier knives case


Kitchen knives should be stored carefully for your safety and to prevent them from getting damaged.

Take care of your knives, remembering to sharpen them.


sabatier leather case