1st Generation: 1810 - Philippe Sabatier manufactures knives in BELLEVUE - THIERS
2nd Generation: His son BONNET SABATIER continues the manufacturing.
3rd Generation: Gabriel Sabatier
4th Generation: Antoinette Sabatier and her husband Annet Perrier
5th Generation: their son Adrien Perrier
6th Generation: his daughter Marie-Antoinette Perrier and Roger Bourgade
7th Generation: his daughter Agnès Bourgade and Alain Bournilhas
8th Generation: their son Philippe BOURNILHAS


At K SABATIER, we do not cheat on the history of the family and the quality of our knives which are entirely made in THIERS - FRANCE.

There is only one SABATIER family, which from the origin of the K SABATIER brand to today, perpetuates the manufacturing of K SABATIER kitchen knives in THIERS.

There are other companies that have a SABATIER brand but they are not part of our founding family and are not old distant cousins.

We are very proud to be recognized as one of the LARGE AUVERGNATE FAMILIES, next to the MICHELIN family - which have been highlighted in a special LA MONTAGNE - Les Grandes Familles Auvergnates - November 2014 - page 64 and 65 .

The company has obtained the renewal of the EPV - Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant label, which recognizes our know-how, our history ...

We are also part of the label CENTENARY FAMILY FIRM because our company has existed for more than 200 years AND is managed by the same family since the creation of the latter.

Moreover, the head office of the company is still based in Bellevue - THIERS - in our family home.