K SABATIER – an old manufacturing

Indeed, Sabatier AINE & PERRIER from the original manufactures all of its production in the basin of Thiers.

We currently have several ranges :

– Stainless Steel and Black Plastic handle : Authentic range / Bellevue / Proxus

– Stainless Steel / Wood Handle : range Auvergne / Elegance

– Steel CARBON range at Vintage Carbon
We also offer a series HIGH RANGE : range Authentique 1834 Ltd. .


BUT we also have finished knives that we still have in our inventory .
These knives were manufactured in the 1960s and others from 1970 to 1980 .
The peculiarity of these knives : they are 100% forged, but made in a traditional way .

The steel was forged and stretched , giving the blade an extraordinary cutting power, a very fine grain steel …
You will find these knives
– Former Carbon Sabatier K

– Former Inox K Sabatier


We have a very limited amount of these knives .
They are sought after by connoisseurs and collectors.


We just added a new stainless knife – black plastic handle . This is a knife to kill. Its weight is about 550 grams.
The back of the knife is very thick, which allows for a very strong and very resistant edge .


Enjoy your visit ,


k sabatier