Buy a real Sabatier knife online at our cutlery site in Thiers. All our knives made in France in Thiers in Auvergne Rhône-Alpes. Make no mistake: only the "K" followed by the name Sabatier can guarantee that these knives come from the direct descendants of Philippe SABATIER, knife manufacturer in BELLEVUE - THIERS at the beginning of the 19th century and who is at the origin of the success of the brand. The 8th generation still manufactures forged knives K SABATIER by SABATIER AINE & PERRIER in Thiers (France).

Descendants of Philippe Sabatier, the creator of Sabatier knives

  • 1st Generation: Philippe SABATIER
  • 2nd Generation: SABATIER Annet
  • 3rd Generation: Gabriel SABATIER
  • 4th Generation: Antoinette SABATIER and Annet PERRIER
  • 5th Generation: Adrien PERRIER
  • 6th Generation: Marie-Antoinette Perrier and Roger BOURGADE
  • 7th Generation: Agnès BOURGADE and Alain BOURNILHAS
  • 8th Generation: Philippe BOURNILHAS

Sabatier Family


Step-by-step history of Sabatier knives

We have to go back to the beginning of the XIXth century to find a certain Philippe SABATIER who manufactured, in Bellevue (in the suburbs of Thiers) at n ° 57 of the Route de Lyon, knives intended for meat professionals.

The success encountered was such that it was necessary to distinguish them from the competition by affixing a brand: it was a "K", which was already used before the French Revolution, but which was bought by our man in 1810.

So SABATIER was born: the blade, of variable length, was naturally made of forged carbon steel and the handle was mounted on silk after having been previously filled with cement, the rear part being closed by a rosette.

His son, Bonnet SABATIER, succeeded him, still using the same brand. An act, which dates from December 9, 1858, relates the renewal of the deposit thereof.

Bonnet had two sons: Gabriel and Pierre, who, after having worked with their father, started out on June 6, 1882, to create a SABATIER FRERES company. Gabriel, who bought all the rights on the brands, continued to manufacture this same type of knife under the name of SABATIER AINE, under the brand K SABATIER.

At this stage of the story, the question of the success of this knife, not only in France but worldwide, and this, from the first models forged by Philippe, arises.

The answer lies in the quality and balance of the whole, the grip is much more pleasant compared to what already existed, in the range of sizes offered.

The sale was first of all local, on the occasion of agricultural fairs, but the professionals of the butchery and the kitchen being geographically very mobile, their colleagues of meeting, seduced by this new tool which did not leave them, they are moved to Thiers in order to equip themselves in the same way.

Resellers across the country, having heard of the good deal, also came to get supplies, which explains the success at the national level.

The reaction was the same when these butchers and cooks went to practice their art outside the country.

The family archives of this period show a very great export activity in all Europe, but also in the United States, in North Africa, in Asia and in Africa, these last regions being probably explained by a strong presence French, in the distant times of the colonies ...


Sabatier Catalog

Undoubtedly Bonnet SABATIER has demonstrated both indisputable qualities in cutlery, but also in trade, and it is undoubtedly to him that the brand owes its reputation and its development. his sons, just like their successors in the business, only had to maintain quality and commercial relations, even if that did not always have to be easy ...

Antoinette, Gabriel's daughter, took over the business, first with her husband, Annet Perrier, and then alone when he died.

His successors were his son Adrien Perrier, then Marie-Antoinette, daughter of the latter, who married Roger BOURGADE.

We reach, after this long journey, the daughter of this couple: Agnes, wife BOURNILHAS. She ran the company with her husband, Alain BOURNILHAS, who was responsible for manufacturing.

Currently, Philippe BOURNILHAS, son of Agnès and Alain BOURNILHAS, manages the SABATIER AINE & PERRIER business.

As at the origin, the company still has its headquarters at n ° 57 Bellevue in THIERS.

Of course, the materials, as well as the manufacturing methods have changed, but the quality is still there, and the demand is still just as important: more than one hundred thousand pieces per year, of which 70% for export.

The steel, still forged, is 4116 stainless. The range is huge and meets all needs, both butchers and cooks, and even, naturally, that housewives, although they are by definition professional knives.


Sabatier knives