Do not fool yourself: only the "K" followed by the name Sabatier can guarantee that these knives come from the direct descendants of Philippe SABATIER, knife manufacturer in BELLEVUE - THIERS at the beginning of the 19th century and which is at the origin of the success of the brand. The 8th generation still manufactures knives K SABATIER forged by SABATIER AINE & PERRIEi in Thiers (France).

Philippe SABATIER began manufacturing knives in the beginning of the XIX century and his son Bonnet SABATIER registered the "K SABATIER" brand in 1834.

These knives are still hand-made in FRANCE today by direct descendants of Philippe and Bonnet SABATIER, and the genuine knives are still branded with "K SABATIER", the original brand of origin.

"K SABATIER" branded knives have established a reputation at the best French-Style knife available. To ensure that your K SABATIER knife is a true original genuine product made using the know-how passed down through generations of cutlery craftsman, look for the stamping of "K SABATIER" on the blade.

1st Generation :   Philippe SABATIER

2nd Generation :  Bonnet SABATIER

3rd Generaion :   Gabriel SABATIER

4th Generation :  Antoinette SABATIER and Annet PERRIER

5th Generation :  Adrien PERRIER

6th Generation :  Marie-Antoinette SABATIER and Roger Bourgade

7th Generation :  Agnès BOURGADE and Alain BOURNILHAS

8th Generation :  Philippe BOURNILHAS


"K SABATIER" knives are 100% forged stainless steel knives and are all hand-made by artisans in FRANCE. 100% forged means that the knife is made entirely from one piece of metal/ No joints, welds or sintering means that no food can get trapped and every knife is very hygienic. To ensure the optimal cutting edge in the finished products, a unique French High Carbon Steel is chosen where other metals added, mainly chronium, to produce the best stainless steel for the knife production. Each K SABATIER knife is truly 100% French- from the metal through the manufacturing process.

K SABATIER has been the first choice for generations of cuisine professionals. Many world renowned chefs' very first knife was a K SABATIER knife; they purchased it because it was the best. They were assured that the highest quality and exacting standards were maintained throughout the production.