Kitchen Knives

As some of our clients, you want to buy good kitchen knives. But you ask a lot of questions .

We’ll give you some explanation.

We talk a lot now MADE IN FRANCE . It is true that these products are made in France , are our pride .

Many companies still manufacture in France .

But we see in many television report , businesses and traders who are not loyal to their customers.

Some companies buy in China or in a country with low cost products . They suggest their clients that these products are manufactured in France .

With Sabatier K , we want to be transparent.
We manufacture kitchen knives under our  K Sabatier  brand.

These kitchen knives are fully forged . We use a single metal bar to make the whole knife AND all of this metal bar is struck with a hammer . Then we get the draft kitchen knife.
This forge is made to Thiers. And more precisely , in the bottom of Thiers.

Other operations such as tempering , the grind , editing , polishing, are made in the Thiers region .

Preserve our jobs. Preserve our expertise.
Our workers are specialized, professional and they love their job .

THANK YOU for trusting us , thank you for ordering kitchen knives on our website .

THANK YOU for your encouragement mails. They give us the certainty that we made the right choice to continue manufacturing in FRANCE all of our knives.

THANK YOU dear customers .


k sabatier kitchen knives