Kitchen knives become a passion

The French are the only ones talking KITCHEN when eating .

TV shows more and more cooking shows , programs on the decoration on the house, on receiving convices :

– Master Chef
– The dishes in the large K Sabatier provided for this issue knives range Authentique 1834 Ltd. .
– Escapades Petitrenaud
– France House 5
– An almost perfect dinner
– ….

At these emissions add websites , culinary blogs in which we find recipes, preparation tips .

The French are passionate about cooking, and also have a passion for kitchen knives . Because without good tools , it is difficult to work well .
Sabatier K : professional manufacture knives for professionals. Our knives are 100% FORGED and fully manufactured in Thiers .

We manufacture several ranges:

– Choose the professional series Stainless Steel with a black handle plstique (for quesitons standards )

– Individuals like to have the same tools professionals ( Stainless / Black Plastic ), but some are also attracted by kitchen knives with wooden handles .

– The AMATEURS choose KNIVES VINTAGE CARBON series BUT maintenance of these knives is VERY specific : carbon steel rust should NEVER leave it wet , NEVER put it in the dishwasher, NEVER cut acidic foods .
Over time, the Carbon steel will change colors. This is a normal phenomenon.
As we have many lines you will find on this link the differences between each range .
This reading allows you to better direct you to a particular series: LINK .
You need advice , do not hesitate to contact us. It is with great pleasure that we will respond .

Thank you and see you soon ,