Knife engraving: Engrave a knife to customize it

To please or be pleased, it is possible to purchase an engraved and personalized knife. An engraving knife is unique. It can mention a name, an expression, a date or a pattern. To customize a knife, you have the choice. If you work as a chef or a cook, you might also want to differentiate your knives among the others.


Because it is the largest area, the blade is the most used place for engraving. It offers a wide range of possibilities. However, some blades are less suitable than others. Only a good artisan can determine if the steel used for the blade is suitable for engraving. Brands usually put their logo on the blade. That is why it is important to think about the best location and the size of your engraving. Then it comes to choosing a font and the specific characters. Then the artisan makes a film which is used as a base. This film is kept can be reused if you want to engrave another knife.


personalization k sabatier knife


According to the shape of the knife, it may be possible to engrave other parts like the back of the knife or the handle. The famous folding pocket knife Opinel whose emblem is a “crowned hand” on the blade even offers colour printing. It consists in an ink transfer from a picture to the knife with a silicone pad. As you can see, the possibilities are numerous for you to enjoy a unique a personalized engraved knife.