The essential knives for a chef

All chefs, whether professional or amateur, must have good knives. It is an essential pillage for them.

They must be light, sharp, easy to sharpen.

A chef cannot afford to use low or mid range knives.

Getting started is very important. The handle must be pleasant and have a very good grip.

The knife should not slide, turn. In addition, for safety reasons, there must be a guard so that the hand cannot slip on the edge.

This work tool should not be overlooked.

Sabatier K manufactures all its production in THIERS. Most of our ranges are 100% forged - there is no welding. We use the same steel to make the entire knife. This steel will be fully forged to make a SABATIER K knife.


In a kitchen, we do not need 30 knives at first. But, professional or amateur chefs absolutely need around 5 pieces:


The paring knife: it is essential.

With a Paring knife, you will peel vegetables and fruits. Cut a piece of meat. Its handle is small so that it holds well in hand. The cutting edge is very close to the hand to be precise when using it.

It must measure a maximum of 10 cm of blade. It is usually straight.

The bird beak parer will be a parer office for you.

Paring Sabatier knife

The Chef knife: The knife of all chefs

Impossible not to have a chef knife in his kitchen. Its blade is straight and fairly wide.

A professional chef will prefer a 25 cmknife. The amateur chef will prefer a 20 cm blade chef knife : easier to use.

The handle is a little bigger with the ability to hold it with more force.

It will be useful for slicing vegetables, cutting vegetables and fruits into pieces, cutting a piece of meat. You must have it near the work plan because it will be used for each recipe or meal preparation.

At first, you must limit yourself to a 20 cm blade for cooking enthusiasts.

The 15 cm kitchen is very small for a first knife.

It is also interesting to look at oriental santuko style cuisines. Its wide and rounded blade is very easy to use. Its pendulum is very important and will facilitate your work.

Chef Sabatier knife


The Tranchelard knife - an institution

It is a knife that is very easy to use. Its blade is pointed and narrow.
You can use it to cut leg slices. As its blade is narrow, you will be able to follow the curvature of the bone.

Slicing knife is often used in a kitchen.

You will use it very easily to cut a chicken, a turkey, a duck.


Slicing Sabatier knife

The sharpening steel - a necessity

 It is not a knife, but without it, you cannot maintain the edge of your knives.

Sharpen your Sabatier kitchen knives with professional Steels. The gesture must be fluid and regular. Start slowly, and with experience, it will be a formality for you.


The tomato knife - a treat

This small tooth knife allows you to cut tomato slices without crushing them. But, it will also be very useful for cutting slices of baguette or sausage.

At Sabatier, we love this very practical knife


The specialists

Some Sabatier knives are more specialized for performing a task such as:

  • filet Knives : these knives have a flexible blade for lifting fish fillets
  • ham knives : they have a large, narrow blade, with a round end and often honeycombed. You will use it to make beautiful slices of ham, or chiffonade
  • the salmon knife: to make thin slices of smoked salmon
  • the boning knife : for boning meats with bone

Sabatier knife


There are other knives that you can discover by browsing our site


Table knives - essential accessory for good tables

To appreciate your dishes and taste them easily, you need a knife with a good edge. We make Sabatier table knives which are very efficient. We also offer a selection of table knives from several suppliers: Le Thiers by Chambriard, Perceval .....


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