Maintenance of K SABATIER Knives - Vintage Au Carbone

Carbon steel is a very specific Sabatier steel. It was used for makingpocket or folding knives and kitchen knives 50 years ago.

It is a very sharp steel, with a cut easy to maintain. But over time, the steel will change color, and there is a risk of rust if its owner does not pay attention.

Here are some tips for maintaining these carbon blade knives.

Congratulations, you have just purchased a professional knife Vintage - Au Carbone. Its cutting power and ease of sharpening are superior to a stainless steel knife.

However, we would like to draw your attention to the maintenance of a carbon blade knife:

1 - As soon as it is used, wash it and wipe it off immediately.
2 - You will never have to put a carbon knife in the dishwasher.
3 - Over time, the blade may change color. This is a perfectly normal phenomenon and without risk.
4 - The sharpening of the knife is necessary to have a perfect cut.
k sabatier knives