Nautilys - Palo Santo Renoux - 70122

Pocket knife by Renoux

Gamme Renoux

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Palo Santo Handle

1 piece - 8,5 cm

Stainless Steel Blade

Liner System
  • High Quality Steel
  • Gaïac Handle


Engrave the blade or the handle of your knife for a personalized gift



Stainless Steel Blade

Palo Santo Handle

Liner System


Total Dimension : 20 cm

Blade Length : 8,5 cm

Blade Width : 2,1 cm

Pascal Renoux was still a student of interior design when he discovers the forge with his stepfather Maurice FRICARD.
He completed his studies but decided: it will be a blacksmith.

1996: It creates its artisanal company specialized in its early stages in the manufacture of forgings for Historical Monuments (hinges, forged nails ...), and the rebuilding of medieval weapons
(Pieces of armor, swords ...).

1999: He is joined by Jean-Marc Debai, craft fitter, also passionate about forging Middle Ages, Chartres who leaves with his family to settle in the Charente.

"If you can make swords, knives you can do!" Starts one day a customer.
The first pieces of "straight knives" appear. Internships and training among Thiers Cutlers succeed to enrich their knowledge and learn whether special techniques,
because it can not be improvised cutler, especially in the folding knife.

2000: Birth of the first knife Barret named the "Barretois".

2001: A craft business becomes SARL Renoux Production, Cutlery Art.

2008 SEMA Price * Regional and Departmental
* Society for the Encouragement of Art craft


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By Blade Size
2 - Normal Knife
By kind of Handle
27 - Other Woods
By kind of Steel
1 - Stainless Steel
By Opening System
2 - Liner
Customize blade
Customize handle
Piece Number
1 - 1 blade
29 - Our gran-fathers
System Lock
Liner Lock
Blade Steel
Stainless Steel
Blade Size
3 2/5 in (8,5 cm)
Blade Width
0,83 in (2,1 cm)
Total Dimension
8 in (20 cm)

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Nautilys - Renoux

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Nautilys - Renoux

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Nautilys - Renoux

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Nautilys - Renoux

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Out stock - Price on demand

Nautilys - Renoux

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Nautilys - Renoux

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