Engrave the blade or the handle of your knife for a personalized gift

Personalize your knives K SABATIER

You wish for personal reasons (gift, presentfor a particular occasion, for yourself...) or for professional reasons (todifferentiate its knives for the chefs, for the students in school...).

We can personalize your kitchen knifes K SABATIER in various manners:

On the handle, personalization is engraved in the mass (Black Handles and Wooden Handles).

- between the 2nd and the 3rd rivets (frontface of the knife) : a first name, a name... Numbers limited to 10 characters.

* example of a personalization - front face of the knife

On the blade, personalization is engraved with the laser. A message - a first name (a limited number of 30characters) which will be engraved with the laser the back face of the blade ofthe knife.

* example of a personalization – Back face of the knife :

How can you personalize your knives at the time of your order on theshop sabatier-k.com ?

- the handle (sidefront face)

Message which will be engraved in the mass
10 Characters

Handle Personalization of a K Sabatier Knife

- the blade: back side face

Message which will be engraved with a laser onthe blade. Numbers limited of 30 characters






Blade Personalization of a K Sabatier Knife




Which knives can be personalized?

HANDLE : weonly personalize the kitchen knifes K SABATIER (Authentique - Vintage Au Carbon- Bellevue - Proxus - Auvergne - Elegance) and the SharpenningSteels with 3 rivets.

BLADE : weonly personalize the kitchen knifes K SABATIER (Authentique - Vintage Au Carbon- Bellevue - Proxus - Auvergne - Elegance).
The SharpenningSteels and Forks can't be personalize on the blade.

TheOLD K SABATIER knives, Sharpenning Steels without rivets and the knives of ourfriends from Thiers cannot be personalized.

If you need information before to order the personalization, you are able to contact us.

Delivery Delays :

Takinginto account the engraving of the handles in the mass, our team needs acompletion and make-ready time. Your orders will be dispatched within normaltimes (48/72 Hours).

Prices :


Handle Personalization

0,5 euro for personalizable Kitchen Knives

0,5 euro for some Pocket Knives

6 Euros



Particular conditions for thePersonalized Knives:

Apersonalized knife could not be returned to sabatier-k.com, except guaranteedrelated to the knife itself (vice of manufacture).

Youunderstand that the personalization of a knife (marking with the laser and/orengraving of the handle) returns the knife SINGLE and intended for only oneperson.

Professional Firms:

Weare fully at your disposal to study with you the possibility of personalizingour kitchen knifes K SABATIER with your mark or your logo.

Restaurants,Companies, Stores, you can contact us by mall with contact@sabatier-k.com