Regional knives: Each region has a knife !

French cutlery has many kinds of knives, they all witness French cultural and artisanal wealth. French cutlery was born in Thiers in Auvergne during the Middle Ages. Nowadays, the city is still the capital of forged knives. To be able to sell their knives throughout the French territory, cutlers used their great business sense and invented news names and forms. They decided to customize regional knives: Corsica, Auvergne, Brittany or Savoy. Each knife proudly shows the character of its region. 


The Corsican knife is a real work of art. It has a rich variety of Italian influences. Before being a work of art, it was used as a life companion by shepherds. One of them is even called “Berger”. But the island is well known for two specific knives: the famous Vendetta or the Corsica.


The Yssingeaux and the LE THIERS ® are the best known Auvergne knives. They come from the cradle of cutlery. A quality charter must be scrupulously respected at each step of a LE THIERS ® knife realization.


The Armor, also called the London, has been inspired by an English sailor’s knife. This Breton knife has a rounded blade and is very useful to cut the ropes on a boat. But in Brittany, we can also find other famous knives such as the Kenavo, a fiish knife, and the stylver.


Always flanked with the emblem of Savoy, a little sweep, the Savoyard knife is really famous. It holds the best-selling in cutlery with the Opinel, an indispensable foldable pocket knife with a wooden handle. Known around the world, Savoyard knife belongs to our heritage. The second well-known Savoyard knife is the Alpine.


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