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Scissors Le Thiers ® 

Handle in Olive Wood

8 cm Blade

Stainless Steel Blade

  • Made in Thiers (France)
  • Stainless Steel
  • Olive Wood Handle


Engrave the blade or the handle of your knife for a personalized gift


Scissors Le Thiers ®  by Locau

Blades Finishing

Full Handle in Olive Wood

These scissors allow you to cut paper, a string. They are very beautiful, with a somewhat modern design while being handcrafted.

These scissors, made in Thiers, have the Le Thiers ® label. It is made by cutlery enthusiasts.

It will also look great on your desktop. You can customize it for yourself or for a loved one.


Total Dimension : 19 cm

Blade Length : 8 cm

Blade Width : 1,5 cm


The fruit of the shared endeavor of an entire profession, "Le Thiers ® " bears the name of its town, capital of the French cutlery industry.

It should be recalled that Thiers and Mountain Thiernoise manufacture cutlery for over 6 centuries.

Initially, it is the driving force generated by the Durolle, torrential river that will give the energy needed for workshops and factories along its banks.

Like all activities, Thiernoise cutlery during his long life, suffered cuts and recorded highs. Recently, the manufacture of Laguiole occupied dozens of companies, large and small. Since the 1990s, for various reasons: the stiff competition on this model, and also other factors that profession, and especially crafts had to think of other concepts for the survival of its picture and sound expertise.

At that time, Jean Pierre Treille convinced some friends cutlery, reflect on the future of making knives in Thiernois basin. They decide to go back to basics and thus naturally in 1993 was born the Tié knife Brotherhood.

First, it was to label Le Thiers ® , good knife bearing the name of his city, the capital of French cutlery, and make the best communication tool. Its production will now be modeled, that the stated Jurande 1582 and required craftsmen companions. Several articles this renovated component Jurande evoke the issues of territoriality, quality, and compliance with cutlery colleagues. It also stipulates that teachers visitors can monitor every step of production, and rules issued by the Jurande are fully respected.

So Le Thiers ®  is a knife with the brand, together with the names of the cutler, engraved on the blade, is an absolute guarantee of quality.

All knives on this website scrupulously obey the Jurande. They are 100% French.

Finally, our empreinre is on the table and Trademark Matricules exposed at the headquarters of the Brotherhood, and for posterity.

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By kind of Handle
15 - Olive Wood
By kind of Steel
1 - Stainless Steel
Customize blade
Customize handle
01 - Auvergne
03 - No
Olive Wood
System Lock
Blade Steel
Stainless Steel
Blade Size
3 1/5 in (8 cm)
Blade Width
0,59 in (1,5 cm)
Total Dimension
7 3/5 in (19 cm)

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