Sécurizoux - Olive Wood Lépine Atelier - 53104

Pocket knife by Lépine Atelier

Gamme Lépine Atelier

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Sécurizoux Knife

Olive Wood Handle

1 piece - 8 cm blade

Stainless Steel Blade

Indexing system and patented locking

  • Stainless Steel
  • High Quality Steel
  • Olive Wood Handle


Engrave the blade or the handle of your knife for a personalized gift


Sécurizoux 1 piece

12C27 Stainless Steel Blade

Olive Wood Handle

Indexing system and patented locking

Total Dimension : 20 cm

Blade Length : 8 cm

Blade Width : 2,5 cm


indexing and locking breveté with an indexing and patented locking system, which works equally well in position "open and closed blade blade" system.


This system will allow you to use your knife safely, it is both simple in its aesthetics and complex in its realization, the design is unique.


Its J-shape, while ensuring its functionality, definitively recalls its origin and region of manufacture, country strong and industrious men, Haut-Jura.

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By Blade Size
2 - Normal Knife
By kind of Handle
15 - Olive Wood
By kind of Steel
1 - Stainless Steel
By Opening System
6 - Others
Customize blade
Customize handle
Piece Number
1 - 1 blade
23 - French
Olive Wood
System Lock
Lock System
Blade Steel
Sandvik 12C27
Blade Size
3 1/5 in (8 cm)
Blade Width
0,98 in (2,5 cm)
Total Dimension
8 1/8 in (20,3 cm)

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