The K Sabatier team – The Chief



It’s time to introduce myself.

The company Sabatier AINE & PERRIER is a FAMILY business .

It was created by Philippe Sabatier in the early 19th century. Over generations , the company has evolved from manufacturing butcher knives – manufacture of kitchen knives – knives – knives table – household .

Never a generation I has decided to MPORT  semi -finished or finished knives.

All manufacturing operations is made to Thiers.


Currently , Philippe BOURNILHAS is at the head of the company.

Born in July 1969. Married to Florence Passage . 3 children ( Alexander , 2000 – Anne- Sophie , 2001 – Edouard 2004)

I love my job . I was born into it. Little , I helped my grandparents to prepare boxes of knives ……


’m addicted to the iphone. I love my motorcycle (Harley Davidson) , milk chocolate , ice … everything is sweet.

I ‘m a fan of cars ( new – old – powerful – classic ) . My dream is to have a 2CV

Sport : rugby with ASM Clermont- Ferrand , skiing

I am very antique products.

I love spending time with my family , my children. Cook for them good meals alone or with my wife.

I answer myself to the mall because I can not delegate well . I try to give the best advice.

Hard disk to appear in a few words …..