The new range : 200 – 8 générations from K Sabatier

Series 200-8 generations of K Sabatier was born through meetings and a desire to progress in the manufacture of a series of high-end knives.


We discovered a new Sandvik steel.

In talking with Greg – a Canadian fan of knives, we devised a new set of kitchen knives for K Sabatier :

– A very simple design that allows you to associate the modernity of technology and know-how of more than 200 years of our house.

– An ebony handle was chosen because, originally, all K  Sabatier Knives were made with this material.

– Stainless rivets

– A lightweight knives (100 grams for slicing 18 cm)

– Laser marking

– A flawless finish. We wanted a very high quality steel which can have a hardness of about 60 HRC, but allows great flexibility of the blade for filleting.

– Manufacture from our city : Thiers – France

– A sheath of very high quality leather to protect each blade kitchen knife (Thiers manufacture)

Watch the video which shows the flexibility of the filleting and cutting efficiency of the blades:


You can buy these knives on our website.


200 K sabatier knife

200 k sabatier leather sleeve


Have fun cooking with K Sabatier knives.

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Thank you for your trust

The K Sabatier team