The manufacturing of a K Sabatier knife

A kitchen knife is composed of 3 parts. Let's discover what are the 3 parts of the knife.


k sabatier forge

Firstly, the first part of the knife is obviously the blade. The blade of a knife varies greatly from one model to another, as well as its characteristics. It is possible to order a knife with a blade more or less flexible, more or less broad, more or less big, etc.

The second part of the knife is the handle. The metal part of the handle, also known as silk, contributes to the robustness of the knife assembly. Please note that the handle may be composed of wood or POM, which means black plastic.

The third and final part of the knife is finally the mitre, which is located between the handle and the blade. The bolster provides the rigidity of the whole knife, allowing a good balance and a solid support.

Precursor in the manufacture of high-end knives, Sabatier-K ensures that all parts of the knife have impeccable finishes, with the objective to make each knife a true masterpiece.


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