Sabatier-K, the Chefs' reference

Luxury apartment, Sabatier-K gives you the opportunity to customize the blade of your knife to suit your needs. The important thing is to have a unique knife, which will have a symbolic importance and will follow you throughout your entire life.


In most cases, customizing a knife is about engraving a name or a nickname, which makes an ideal gift for a loved one or just yourself. Chefs particularly appreciate this kind of inscription on the blade of their knife. Indeed, it avoids the unfortunate exchanges between professionals

who are very concerned about their working tools. However, Sabatier-K also allows you to customize the knife blade with a bit more of originality. : name of the house, saying, motto, or even "watch your fingers", etc…


The customisation of the knife blade is made by laser engraving, a technique at the forefront of innovation and mastered to perfection by Sabatier-K. However, keep in mind that the personalization of the knife blade on the rear side must not exceed 30 characters. Thus, whatever the inscriptions, this etching technique guarantees a clear and visible customization


customization k sabatier knife