What is the superstition around offering a knife ?

Offering a knife to a loved one is often a great gift idea, especially as some knives, such as the collection knives we offer, are genuine works of art. However, it must be known that there are many superstitions around the symbolism of the knife. An object representing manhood, notably by its form, it has long been perceived as the symbol of power of the head of the family. That being said, the most widespread superstition in the world of cutlery, and especially in the Auvergne tradition, is that a knife should not be offered but bought.

 k sabatier generations

The knife cannot therefore be a whole gift, it must result from a monetary exchange. But why this strange superstition around the knife ? The first explanation is that the knife, traditionally the object of power, can not be transmitted without consideration, especially if it is particularly valuable. A second superstition is to believe that if the knife is simply offered, it risks cutting off the bonds of love or friendship between the two people. If you wish to offer a knife while avoiding breaking the rules of this superstition, tradition offers you a solution: it will be sufficient for the person offered a knife to pay a symbolic counterpart (a few cents for example) as proof of purchase.